Celebration of Philanthropy – USC


ELF Board member, Keryn Jones, was invited to attend the Celebration of Philanthropy at the University of the Sunshine Coast in September 2019. Of 366 donor funded Scholarships, bursaries or prizes, 9 went to environmental science students. The Environmental Legacy Foundation provided one of those bursaries to Honours student Dylan Westaway for his research on forest dwelling owls. Keryn said, “It was great to catch up with Dylan at the Celebration of Philanthropy and to hear how his work is progressing. It was very pleasing to hear how the ELF bursary gave Dylan more financial freedom which led to better research outcomes. Naturally, owl research is best done at night and the bursary gave Dylan the chance to do less of his “uni job” as a bar tender in the evenings and spend more time out in the field on his research.”


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