University of the Sunshine Coast Annual Student Bursary proudly sponsored by the Environmental Legacy Foundation

2023 Bursary

Alexander Jarrett

Spatial features that influence fish abundance and distribution along the Sunshine Coast.

Alexander’s Acceptance Letter

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2022 Bursary

Rubie Orman-Ditchfield

Understanding and Addressing Eco-anxiety among Adolescents in Southeast Queensland

Rubie’s Acceptance Letter 

Thesis status: Awaiting completion

2021 Bursary

David Heyne

Elucidation of bioactive compounds in the red seaweed Asparagopsis taxiformis

David’s acceptance letter

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2020 Bursary

Charmaine Schou

Anthropogenic noise effects on anuran mating behaviour

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2019 Bursary

Dylan Westaway

Human land use and the distribution of a suite of nocturnal bird species on the Sunshine Coast

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USC Celebration of Philanthropy

2018 Bursary

Jessica Anne Bolin

Associations between oceanographic processes and humpback whale entanglement in Southeast Queensland shark-control nets

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2017 Bursary

Elizabeth Brunton

Urbanisation and kangaroos: investigating and managing decline in urban-zone eastern grey kangaroo populations (Macropus giganteus) in south east Queensland.

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