University of the Sunshine Coast Annual Student Bursary sponsored by Environmental Legacy Foundation

2021 Bursary

David Heyne

Elucidation of bioactive compounds in the red seaweed Asparagopsis taxiformis.

David’s acceptance letter below. We look forward to seeing the outcome of his research.

Your generosity in gifting me the bursary is greatly appreciated and provides the opportunity to dedicate additional time to my academic pursuits in lieu of paid work. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at USC having completed my undergraduate program with a major in chemistry. My research revolves around the red algae Asparagopsis taxiformis, a species which has garnered significant academic and media attention in recent years for its antimethanogenic properties when applied as a stock feed to ruminating animals. Additionally, some researchers suggest it may eventually replace antibiotics.
The USC Seaweed Research Group has been studying a range of issues around A. taxiformis for several years and my project intends to more fully investigate bioactivity in the hopes of ultimately isolating and identifying the compounds responsible. At the conclusion of my honours I hope to engage in postgraduate research related to natural products chemistry; however, as a father with a young family and financial responsibilities this would be dependent on securing bursaries from generous individuals/organisations such as yourself given the dedication of time required. To this end, I am exceedingly grateful, your generosity realises the possibility of securing additional resources to further my academic career. Your bursary not only demonstrates a faith in me and my research but allows it to be of a higher quality than otherwise may have been the case. With humble gratitude,David Heyne

Status: Awaiting thesis completion

2020 Bursary

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Human land use and the distribution of a suite of nocturnal bird species on the Sunshine Coast

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USC Celebration of Philanthropy

2018 Bursary

Jessica Anne Bolin

Associations between oceanographic processes and humpback whale entanglement in Southeast Queensland shark-control nets

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Elizabeth Brunton

Urbanisation and kangaroos: investigating and managing decline in urban-zone eastern grey kangaroo populations (Macropus giganteus) in south east Queensland.

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